Georgeta Șoavă

University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Romania

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We are in the early 3rd millennium as companies face the need to exploit technology changing computer environments, in order to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Thus, the development of e-business, the efficient use of new information technologies in business, by developing an alternative sales channel with relatively low costs, it manages to establish relationships with incomparably greater number of customers, to traditional approaches.

Starting from these general considerations, we conducted this work we divided it into four parts. In the first part we present general context in which companies can achieve needs using new technologies, then we reviewed the basic elements in developing e-business type applications presenting their main benefits. Next, I approached refining models for e-business software development and use of distributed architectures for electronic commerce, concluding with a set of conclusions.

Key words: e-business, application, model, interface, sever

JEL Classification: M15, M21


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