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Automation and technologization of the postal services



Caius Lăzărescu

Vasile Goldis Western University Arad, Faculty for Economics




The development of the means of communication, the loss of monopoly over the postal services, liberalization of the services, creation of postal markets, appearance of new operators of postal services and implicitly of the competition, as well as the change of the status of the universal service providers in trading companies, impose modern technological equipping that would ensure the provision of postal services at new standards. For a proper technologization a constant study of the market is imposed in order to trace the strong points and an organization of the network that would allow a fluidity of the operations so that all malfunctions are eliminated. If the postal services arose from the need to communicate, their evolution and the current status of trading company confirm the fact that their maintenance and development also meet the economic need. The postal services provider is obliged to uniformly secure the universal service as well as the other services and the duty to perform economic activities in two different social-economic environments, the rural environment and the urban environment. The means of communication, at first, provided a simple communication service; later their evolution had a whole new purpose, i.e. to provide more complex communication services, and currently, in the internet era and modern technology a possibility to provide service packages arises.

Key words: postal services, technology, providers, market


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