Aurel MihuŃ
Universitatea Europeană "Drăgan" din Lugoj, Facultatea de StiinŃe Economice
Str. Ion Huniade, Nr. 2, 350500 Lugoj, Timis, România, Tel. 0256 – 359.198,
Fax. 0256 – 359.200, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The project management approach in this course material is based on two main directions,
one on management as a process and management of a second level of coverage project.
The approach considered normal scale starts from a research project and has precise
references to the research project level considered necessary and sufficient for the students.
The two directions aim to cover resource management, elements of planning, coordination
and team management decision, evaluation and communication. These will be treated
alongside a project management structure> initiating, controlling and concluding the
project. Once the working group is heterogeneous, the introduction of all items is made
from the base-level construction .Thus presenting some of the components, methods or
tools may seem too detailed for students who they know or have used full or partial. In idea
to get a relatively uniform basis of work, this mode is necessarily revealed.
Keywords: project, subproject, fixtures, management projects, feasibility study, operation,
objective, purpose, SMART

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